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CEO Asia Q&A: 金融インタビュー Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program: Co-founder Anna Stephenson ヘンリー大学のヘッジファンドエグゼクティブ東京コース

Soon, finance professionals in Tokyo, wishing to enter the hedge fund industry will be able to learn directly on weekends from local buy-side experts in their financial field. The Tokyo program starts March 11, 2017. See full details on this program below. 
ンリー エグゼクティブ ヘッジファンド プログラム (東京) 2017年 3月 11日~ 東京独自のエグゼクティブヘッジファンド認定プログラム6か月でヘッジファンドビジネスの経験を積むインフレクションポイントインテリジェンスはヘンリーエグゼクティブヘッジファンドプログラムを東京のヘッジファンドクラブ、トムソンロイターズ、そして平和不動産と共同で開催いたします。このプログラムは次世代のヘッジファンドマネージャーとカウンターパーティを育成するプログラムです。日本語のニュースとサポートはFacebook上にあります。
Today we interview Anna Stephenson, the co-founder of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program for professionals interested in gaining expertise about Hedge Funds. They have had three Hong Kong streams of students already, and expanded the program to Singapore in 2016, and Tokyo this spring. The program is taught in English in all three cities, and is focused on practical knowledge taught by experts as well as a strong networking component.

1) Why did you start your program and when did it begin? How big are the classes and how many students have completed the program so far?

We had the idea for the program because we noticed that while there are many professionals in the Hedge Fund space, most are experts in only their own field. For example, Lawyers understand the documentation required but have little expertise in Portfolio Management. The Portfolio manager might not have strong Fund Administration expertise or Capital Raising skills.  This course is designed to give an overview about all aspects of the Hedge Fund business from setup to management. 
The classes are limited to 25 participants and require at least 3 years of working in the finance industry.  We have had 70 people take the program in Hong Kong, and started in Singapore last fall. Tokyo will start with 15-25 students on March 11, 2017. There are 9 places left as of today, 16 confirmed.
2) What kind of results are you expecting for your graduates in the short or longer term? How long does the program take and what is the schedule like?
Participants who have completed the program have gained a much better understanding of all the aspects of operating and managing a Hedge Fund. Service providers can now see a complete picture of how their client operates.   We have also had a number of participants who were looking for an opportunity to work in the Hedge Fund industry find new jobs.
Classes are held one weekend a month for six months (12 days). The rest is online learning and a group project. We also have monthly networking events where industry partners, teachers and participants get together. These have been very helpful to build lasting relationships across the Hedge Fund community.

3) Why is  your program different from other hedge fund courses? Why not just take a college course on hedge funds instead?
This course is unique because it is taught by current industry professionals.  There are no pure academics teaching the program. This makes the hands-on learning very relevant, current and practical. Many Universities teach a hedge fund course but it usually centers around Portfolio Management or Risk Management. We also teach that but include other important subjects including Pitch-book Formation, Capital Raising, Fund Setup and Administration, Operations, Legal, Tax, Compliance and Governance.

4) Why are you so driven to make this program do well? What connection is there with Henley University, and why did you partner with them?  
Knowledge is power.  To really excel professionally, it takes a person who is motivated, willing to learn and able to apply what they learn in the real world. That is what this course offers in the Hedge Fund space.  Henley Business School has an International Capital Markets Center (ICMA) and have been a great school to collaborate with.

5) Are there any extra benefits to taking this program that are worth sharing at this time?
In addition to education and networking we also spend time with each participant to identify what their goals are for the program and give advice how to achieve them. Both Steve and I have been working in Finance for over 25 years, in three different countries, so we have a lot of experience to share.

6) Are you only going to offer the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program in 3 cities in Asia? Will the program only be taught in English?
For 2017, we are only running the course in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. We likely will expand to other cities over time. The course is only taught in English at this time. If we see a demand for a Japanese language program, we can consider it in future.
7) How much does it cost? How can you register or apply? What kind of background or procedures are needed?
The cost for the 6 month Tokyo program is 950,000 and can be paid in installments.  There is a discount for those between jobs. Registration and more information can be found here: 
The program is limited to 25 participants on a first come, first served basis. Candidates must have three years of expertise in the financial services industry. Register today! It is Highly Recommended!

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