Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Feature Movie Review : "Jobs"

If Steve Jobs were alive he would not allow it to show in its current form. I would imagine his comment would be "fix it! It is too dry, not sexy enough, poorly paced and does not even have the Xerox scene, so fix it!". I must say that this seems about right.

To be clear this is a business movie and a drama, not a thriller. If you are big fan of the founder of Apple you will enjoy the movie. It is the non-believers who will be disappointed. I recognized many scenes and liked the visual feel for the 1970s that the movie brings to his early years. As many things in the movie his adoption is not given enough balance but that aside from that the acting is really good. In my view it is the story or screenplay that could use some tweaking. The visual flashbacks to India, the calligraphy courses he took at Reed College, and his drift toward design were all well done, though many others scenes were not included and needed to be. If you knew the overall story nothing would be new to you, however how and why he changed were not really explained well, and may have lost many of the audience. If there was a director's cut in a longer, full-3 hour version this would have been better. Too much seemed to be crammed into just 2 hours and sadly there was to much ground to cover. The look and feel of all of the key characters has comparison photos at the end and any casting pro would give high marks to the matches made. Ashton Kutcher really had his manner and walk down pat, but the lines were never consistent in quality.

If you are an easy sell for a business movie on Apple then you will enjoy yourself. However, if you hope to see a great movie that is about Apple, the tech image icon of our times and be enthralled by its founder's story, make another choice.

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