Monday, September 2, 2013

NEWS UPDATE Bloomberg's Takeover Bid for BlackBerry, the Business Mobile Marriage

Morgan Stanley needs to find a balance on how to give its core staff more BYOD (Bring Your Own Digital) choice or just stick with BlackBerry in the future - They are not alone, and yet if major CTOs at banks in Canada, like Royal Bank of Canada or Bank of Montreal are already in final stages of the Z10/Q10 upgrade, is it truly that risky? After all, well-run conservative institutions often run smoothly on purpose.

A major US bank with 100,000 staff in a testing program (perhaps even JPM who are doing the sale) may not have to wait long if the upgrades happen smoothly with other major financial firms. Regardless the timing of any upgrade, sale or the delay of a possible sale, does have corporate client implications for BlackBerry and its core financial client base. 

Timing is everything, and BB users want the latest version to work more efficiently. 

Does Bloomberg have a scheduled timing plan that could be influencing various investment banks who would want a consolidated offering? The faster a sale by RBC or JPM to a new firm, hopefully to Bloomberg, the better for all, Morgan Stanley included. The financial clients are waiting.

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