Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"How to Start a Hedge Fund" by SinoPac & Interactive Brokers Sept 24, 2014

On September 24, 2014 in Hong Kong a free seminar about "How to Start a Hedge Fund" will take place. Steve Bernstein, the CEO of SinoPac Solutions and Services, and event partner Interactive Brokers, has been interviewed by Mark Pink, from TMJ Partners. Learn more about how you can attend below by RSVP only.

1) Who is the main target for this event? Former traders only? or any financial professional who are considering a hedge fund in the future?
More than 40 attendees have already confirmed and a maximum of 100 are expected at this event. Any serious professional preparing to start a fund is welcome
2) Is this free to attend to all or only PMs who are considering starting a hedge fund? Is there a minimum AUM size target for those who attend?
The event will be free and a RSVP is required to enter. Funds can start with as little as US$2M, but most have more on day one, key vendors will also attend. 
3) Is this the first of a series of similar events? Will this event only be for Hong Kong based hedge funds of also Singapore or Tokyo?
SinoPac have several events including "under the radar" events where one fund is profiled and potential investors are introduced. The last was US$13M in AUM. SinoPac would like to hold this event in Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai as well.
4) Is the SinoPac/Interactive Brokers team in place competitive when compared to similar services from global prime brokers within investment banks?
The SinoPac team is more a compliment best fit for small to mid-sized firms. Large investment banks in Asia often refer smaller clients of less than US$100M in AUM to SinoPac
5) What kind of price or value do you think is the most compelling part of the event's team when compared to similar rival services?
Prices are very competitive and it is the extra care to help with pitch books and set up guidance that help keep costs low for start-up funds of any kind
6) Can other professionals not based in Hong Kong attend? Is this open to professionals now preparing for a hedge fund career change?
This is open to all financial professionals who reserve in advance. Attendees can be based in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the region or overseas.
7) What key points of the events team members do you wish to highlight for prospective attendees in Hong Kong or elsewhere?
The SinoPac/Interactive Brokers team is made up of very experienced professionals from the market, not professors used to theory. The platform has grown to 33 clients in just 2 years. They are a mix of hedge funds, private equity funds, asset managers and family offices. These 33 clients are based in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore in addition to Hong Kong.

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