Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Feature Book Review: Laughing at Wall Street (with 2800% stock returns!) by Chris Camillo ウォール街で笑います (2800%の株式リターン!) クリスカミッロ

The world of finance can be scary for some, and this book tries to erase that impression. The author Chris Camillo shows in his online trading statement between September 2007 and April 2010, He proves that professionals are not always needed. He turned his US$83,752 trading account into US$2,388,311 in under 3 years. That is a 28 fold increase on his capital! Every investor's dreamed about bottom line. Clearly, Bitcoin like dream results can exist with simple stocks too.

Results matter, and readers find out what basic observation methods he uses to make such amazing trading returns. This is not a highly skilled day trader with a cutting edge algo program. This is just an amature investor who pays attention to the consumer trends around him, and connects the dots to make big money returns. 

It all seems so simple, but the genius is in learning to recognize the patterns. We learn that he tried the usual route of following analysts on CNBC, Bloomberg or other media. He followed buy and sell reports of various analysts, but then changed. He learned to follow his own advice on insights to see the big trade early, before the analysts had it on any radar.

To be clear, the author is not usual, he is sharp and his personality is always on a hunt for market value. We learn that he enjoyed recycle markets, yards sales, tag sales, garage sales or whatever term you may use. He would get up early, and often notice that women were often in charge of pricing various items. Dolls, clothes and home items were often well priced, but male themed items often had a wider price range, an opportunity for a better price! 

So how does a man going off to yard sales make real money in markets? One single style, observation of the world around you. He often liked to drink ice tea, and Snapple was his favorite brand. At the time the brand was everywhere, and easy to find. One day he noticed that the shelf space at his local convenience store was no longer as wide in selection for his favorite beverage. In fact, it was only 20% of what it was before the change in shelf space. 

Could this be a sign of a peak in the Snapple brand's popularity? The stock price was still high, so he checked at various stores, all the same.  Less shelf space meant less sales, so earnings would disappoint, so he put on a short. That is the process on how he discovered his trades and made a killing. Always use information that you discover before the market. That simple action as a clear early mover is often an advantage. When you go to any store regularly, ask yourself "what has changed in selection?" Does this mean there could be an opportunity in a single stock?

The Top 3 Takeaways from this book that really impact any reader are:

1) Surprisingly, there is a process that any individual can learn that will give an investor a personal edge. It comes down to observation not luck or insider information.

2) Like the Matrix movie series, you can see the world as it hopes, and rely on experts to pay financial fees to forever. Alternatively, you can see for yourself, and avoid paying fees forever after.

3) Social Media, Shopping Malls, local neighborhoods all contain the core basics of human behaviour. When you learn how to see, you can see market opportunities all around you everyday.

We learn about various other trades with a similar theme. Keep your eyes open and notice what people buy and sell, or throw away. Check out what is in your neighbour's garbage. It could give real market insight into what is popular now or is no longer. That informational mindset is what the author does a great job at explaining. Very well explained, and very easy to replicate with any product or service today or tomorrow. This is not a stock picking strategy that will be obsolete in a short time. You learn how to open your eyes and really see trading opportunities all around you. It can be a very profitable way of life. It can work long term, so it is Highly Recommended!

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