Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Feature Book Review: Benjamin Franklin's The Way To Wealth by Steve Shipside ベンジャミン・フランクリンは、富への道です: スティーブ・シープサイド

American history's late great Benjamin Franklin, died a very rich man. He discovered 52 rules to help him find a great fortune. He was an inventor, scientist, inventor, diplomat, statesman, and was a highly educated man of his age. He knew the value and pleasure of Bordeaux Wines, fine food and the true value of money. He was talented in many ways, and this book explains many of his favorite principals he felt were needed to be successful. It highlights his 52 best ideas that can help any modern man build a modern fortune. 

Despite his connection to electricity, this is not a list of technology ideas to be the next Tesla innovation. It is more a great guide to know how to focus on what is important and build towards solid profits no matter where you live and work. There are many well known words of wisdom here, that have lasted for over 250 years. One of his favorite maxims was "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". 

In fact, the phrase "No Pain No Gain" is a direct quote from Benjamin Franklin. He fully understood the impact of exercise and the health of any person, but within business as well. Many journalists used trade union pressure help to resist the "pain of having to use" a new PC 20+ years ago. What was not understood was that once learned, the PC helped make the same journalistic work even easier to do in time. The PC was just a tool that made the work of journalism easier to perform than a typewriter. That is a classic business style application of the "no pain, no gain" principle. The pain of learning at first, will help later on after using this newly gained knowledge.

The Top 3 Takeaways from this book that really impact any reader are:

1) There is no easy way to be successful by using short cuts in life or in business.

2) A key driver of success is self discipline. Without it high standards lower and performance suffers.

3) Success is often a combination of many personality factors. Any key founder or entrepreneur has, not just one single talent only, often many skills.

This book goes on to give not only a US version of work & life balance but with a wider international twist as well. How the US is compared to Europe and Asia is refreshing. With the phrase "be the driver, not the drone". The concept of making sure "you drive the business and not have the business drive you", was known long ago. It is not a modern problem of the last 30 years due to technology. It is a surprise to learn how many of these modern guides are actually very old and proven rules to success.

The list is long and the modern interpretations of them are very well explained. It all helps a modern reader fully understand what a current wealth builder needs to consider today. There are more than fifty of these great ways to wealth, and all are worth absorbing and building into any daily modern routine. Do not be fooled by the years of time. These deep insights help you to make money in your career today, and find a life balance that is worth a fortune in effort. Very highly recommended.

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