Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Feature Book Review: Wall Street Myths: Traders' Tales by Ron Insana ウォールストリートの金融ストーリー: ロン・インサナ

Author Ron Insana, is a CNBC journalist and former hedge fund professional, who has gathered a wide assortment of great stories about how traders, act, react, and let off steam in a high stress environment. Take break, get a beer (or three) and enjoy this great collection of true (or maybe untrue) legendary stories of how traders in the markets have done well or very badly. Many men behave badly while drinking to excess, and it is very funny on many occasions.

There are wonderfully funny recalls of stories involving a $90,000 mix up on stock about Coke, not cocaine. CPR messages for help, not any listed stock, hangovers & heart attacks with the wrong victim, and of course the $2,500 cockroach challenge! It is outrageous behavior mainly by men and a few women, who have much more money than brains after drinks. It fills a guilty curious need to read about the mistakes of others. All of these tales are worth hearing in detail, and certainly worth the price of this book. 

This is not about how to make more money in finance, but more about how others in the markets have acted while trying to do that "big trade". The bunny suit story, about a night with a lady who was not his wife, stealing his wallet, and all his clothes, may give you pause for similar drunken action. Another great tale about the trader with a missing glass eye and the hundreds of super ball eyes that were bounced around the trading floor when the one eyed trade lost his glass eye is also very memorable.

The Top 3 Takeaways from this book that really impact any reader are:
1) There is no limit to how badly men in finance tease and treat one another. Hazing culture increases when more cash in added.

2) There is no escape from bad habits by your colleagues. Going overboard with excessive drinking in particular, will be found out.

3) There is a great culture of acceptance of faults within finance. That does not mean you are not victimized for it. In the end, it is all fun and games after hours.

This is an easy to read guilty pleasure to read on the train home, or over a weekend at the beach. Satisfying mind candy that is very amusing and fills a need to hear about how bad it has been for some other traders out there. Every story is different, and this is a never dull or repeated. It is amazing how traders are people, and they get into trouble like everybody else. Perfect for the weekend or holiday time Highly recommended!

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