Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Feature Book Review: “How to Become a Rainmaker” by Jeffrey J. Fox めざせ!レインメーカー! : ジェフリー・J・フォックス

Many can open, but few can close. Are you a closer? If not, do you want to be? If you want to perform in any business at a higher level, this will help. How do Investment Bankers find M&A deals? How do FinTech investors keep finding start-up winners? Why do Asset Managers continually find strong returns? You will increase your skills with top client prospects no matter what the area. Results count in a "show me the money" world today.

If continuous self-driven improvement is what drives you, then you will also understand that you never know enough for very long. There is always something new, and always something to adapt to, for more profits in a fast moving business world. 

Being a Rainmaker is a mindset. You wake up and go to sleep 6+ days a week thinking about revenue for clients. This is not a curse, it is a vocation. How to find new clients, how to help old ones, and how to increase revenues from existing clients is constant. Client thoughts are always going on in the background. How can a Rainmaker think of ways to improve a client's businesses, and ultimately one's own, is what drives a Rainmaker every day. 

This way or living & working often requires long term thinking and perspective, but in a short term results environment. Sadly, it confirms that you are only as good as your last deal, your last close, your last impact on a client's business in added value. You have to keep reinventing what you see in any market. Give before you take. If you do not plant many seeds constantly, you will not benefit from the few deals that may come about as a result.

If you share this "long term greedy" outlook, and are driven to review solid productive business habits, then this book is for you. Rainmaking closers want to add to a bottom line everyday, and this is a worthwhile investment of time for that. Anybody successful will recognize some of the habits inside right away, but never all of them. Even if you find one new tip to improve your performance, it is time and money well spent. A true investment in your career. This is a great review and reminder for any level in your career. 

The Top 3 Takeaways from this book that really impact any reader are:

1) There is a lot to learn about how to be successful with clients. It is about giving first, and taking second. Rainmakers are often "long-term greedy".

2) The best Rainmakers know how to close yet evolve. They keep doing what they do best, but keep a constant ability to adapt to trends and changes.

3) Becoming a successful closer, a true Rainmaker is never fast or easy, but can sometimes appear to be to outsiders. There is often a reason, and that reason is often a key rare talent mixed with hard work that is hard to replicate.

This book is for any closer to keep up a profitable career going strong. In fact, it is this discovery of something new or forgotten, that may spark a new angle on a deal or opportunity, and makes this book worthwhile. Perfect for a short flight, but make sure a note pad is ready for the new ideas that this creates! Highly recommended for any level in your business career. In January 2015, a re-release of this great book came out with even better updated material.  Highly recommended!

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